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Wednesday Evening - Ozaukee Men's League

When: Wednesday evenings
Time: 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM
Format: Men's Draft
Note: All skill levels of men are eligible.  New curlers are also welcome.  Teams are formed by way of a draft (mix of experienced and new curlers).  Instruction is available at 5:30 PM.
Season: Two rounds with teams changing for the second round.
Chairs: John Piechowski and Dan Kropidlowski
History: This event is known as the Ozaukee Men’s.  Today the name can refer to Ozaukee Fair Grounds or the club partnership with Ozaukee County but originally the name referred to its former location at the Ozaukee Country Club from 1970-2012.  The event has always been a teaching and training event for new and experienced curlers alike.  In the past, the winner of the Ozaukee Men’s would qualify for moving up to the more competitive Carson event, and the lowest standing team in the Carson would be relegated to the Ozaukee event.  Today, the Ozaukee Men’s is a stand-alone league in which teams are formed in a draft by skips.  All levels of experience can participate.
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