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Friday Evening - Open League

When: Friday evenings
Time: 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM
Format: Open: 6-end games
Note: All levels of curlers (male or female) are welcome.  It is best if you form your own team including built-in subs if desired, however if you sign up as a single or couple you can usually be placed with others to form a team.  There is an unlimited number of requested BYEs available.

This is not a training league, however new couples are welcome.  Due to a limited number of skips it cannot be guaranteed that you can be placed on a permanent team.
Season: Two rounds.  League meets two or three times a month with a total of six times per round.
Chair: Kristin Luckow and Dan Kropidlowski
History:  The Friday league grew out of a desire by couples to curl together and with others of their choice.  This league stresses the social aspect of the game of curling, with six-end games usually followed by dinner made by the members of the two teams curling together.
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